Apple headset review


Apple dumped the headphone jack in iPhone 7 . Why? Was there a petition to get rid of old, working technology? Nope.
According to Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing ,Phil Schiller, it was so Apple could make an even skinner phone and/or add new technology. Because, don’t you know, what the world needs now is an even thinner iPhone.
The real reason, of course, is that Apple wants to shear more money from its sheep. All those pricey Apple Beats L and headphones you’ve bought recently? They’re all old junk on their way to obsolescence, if you believe Apple.
Instead, you’ll need $159 AirPods. So They don’t come with your pricey new iPhone 7. Apple really does want to squeeze out every last dollar from its customers.
Oh, and guess what. You’re going to lose those AirPods. That isn’t a threat. So That’s a promise.
It’s all I can do to keep track of my Era by Jawbone Bluetooth headset, and it’s seldom off my head during a business day. So  You’re going to be taking the AirPods, with their inadequate five-hour (well, more like three, really) battery life off and on constantly. You will lose them. It’s only a matter of time.


2 Replies to “Apple headset review”

  1. Well… to all of those who have been devoted to the rotten apple… they can’t really complain when they get worked through the ears. After all… they’ve allowed the greed to grip them!!
    Anyway… thanks for following OMBH… I do hope you find a smile when you visit! 😉


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