Will attacks in America have a big impact on White House race?


Three attacks in 12 hours.

An explosion in Seaside Park, New Jersey, on Saturday morning.
An explosion in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighbourhood on Saturday evening, and a second device discovered nearby.
A stabbing attack in a shopping mall in St Cloud, Minnesota, on Saturday evening.
And then up to five devices found in the same bag in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on Sunday evening.
A massive manhunt was launched underway for 28 year old Ahmad Khan Rahami, who authorities say is a naturalised USA citizen originally from Afghanistan. So He is reportedly in custody .
So much is made of the resilience and swagger of New Yorkers that it is often a cliche to say so.
Their reaction to the weekend’s events has been predictably calm and obstinate.
In the immediate aftermath of the explosion in Chelsea, I spoke to a number of people who were irritated they couldn’t make their restaurant reservations because of the gridlock caused by street closures. So
That night and the following day people in this city calmly went about their lives, observing and appreciating the visible increase in security on street corners and at transit hubs.
But there has not been a sense that this patch of America is in any way under attack.
As unease grows about the possible connection between the New York and New Jersey bombs, and it becomes increasingly clear that police are investigating the possibility of organised terrorists or cells of terrorists, that sense may change.
Suddenly, one starts to pay attention to innocuous street furniture like rubbish bins.
Events are cancelled; people start to calculate risk in different ways.
The choreography of terror plays out like this in cities across the world.
And it is against this backdrop that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are engaged in one of the most brutal presidential races in modern US politics.
Domestic security is a central issue.
Donald Trump has capitalised on events like this before.
He did it with San Bernardino. He did it with Orlando. So He will do it again.
Hillary Clinton is more cautious, more inclusive, more controlled.
But when people are scared, these are not necessarily the qualities they yearn for in a commander in chief.
It does not feel as though the events of the past 24 hours are enough to have a major impact on the race yet, but that could change very quickly if this situation escalates before authorities can shut it down.


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